Trough the Guardian’s Paths

Documents based on the legend of


El Lupón is everywhere. El Lupón is not anywhere. El Lupón is in the heart of our city. El Lupón is fiction and at the same time is more real than reality. El Lupón is a merciful truth in the voices and the imaginary visions of the mexicalenses , the run and tell that people built with the personage, with the idea, with the legend of a character that was dedicated to help la raza. El Lupón is an amusing altar facing the border fence at Colón Avenue, and in the surrounding places is a small figure or statue that circulates between their faithful; a pray, a song, a dance, a collection of oral stories in the collective conscience of our city. El Lupón is the migrants´ saint. El Lupón crosses borders and at the same time is a faithful representation of solidarity between people. In his eyes and posture we found the mission of a very human, human being. As everybody from this sanded land, Lupón´s sight is always on the horizon, firm in his intention, firm in his parsimony, firm in his silences. El Lupón is an artistic project and a cultural anthropological rescue project. Once, he held me and told me not to worry, that everything was going to be fine. El Lupón is the visual pray of the unnamed, the anonymous, and the voiceless people. We can imagine thousands Lupones, tracing the Californian territory in the search of a hero. El Lupón is an artifact of the mexicalenses poetical myth, rescued lovingly by Ismael castro, a multiple-discipline artist that found in the personage a sense and a need: the need of people to comfort themselves with altruists figures and the every day heroes. El Lupón is the critical mirror of all saints, which gives the character a higher status than every other urban-rural myth: he is a saint trying to exist despite many deny his existence. This makes him a higher audacity of our culture: El Lupón concedes the miracles made and come true in your imagination.

Translated from the original text of Alejandro Espinoza
by Alejandra González Machado


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